Five Reasons to Make the Switch to Automated Time and Attendance Software

Date: March 14, 2013 0 comments

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According to a study recently done by the American Payroll Association, 82% of companies surveyed planned to upgrade or purchase new payroll software. Are you one of these organizations, or do you still use a manual time and attendance system?

If your company hasn't yet joined the automated time and attendance club, there are good reasons for doing so right now. In a business world that is more competitive than ever, every little bit of efficiency, accuracy, and savings counts. If youre thinking about making the switch but havent yet, her are five good reasons why you should:

1. You save time. If youre manually collecting time, processing paper sheets and time cards, creating employee schedules, and managing payroll, you know how much time it takes out of your week. You can significantly cut down on the amount of time administration spends on these areas with an automated workforce management system. Automatic systems do it all, from tracking time to importing data to payroll. When your staff spends less time on tiresome paperwork, they have more time to spend on strategic direction!

2. You save money. Put an end to overpayments, buddy punching, and fines and legal fees associated with lack of compliance. Automated software also helps you reduce absenteeism and keep track of overtime, so youre always within budget. A study by the Axsium Group found that large organizations saved $1,600 per employee after installing time and attendance software!

How much could your organization save?

3. You increase productivity and quality. The scheduling capability means that its easier than ever to balance labor supply with demand, almost entirely reducing overstaffing or understaffing. Proper staffing ensures a better, more consistent product. In addition, you can use the Skills Matrix to make sure that all necessary skills are represented at each shift.

4. You improve company culture. Automated workforce management solutions enables organizations to manage flexible work arrangements easily and efficiently. Workers can clock in from home, from the road, or from various worksites. Flexible work arrangements are highly desired by todays employees, and contribute to a good company culture. In addition, prompt, error-free payroll also contributes to your organization being a great place to work. And when you improve company culture . . .

5. You attract and retain top talent. The best employees will flock to your organization, not to your competitors. Youre only as good as your workforce, so its important youre able to attract and retain the best of the best.

Without these benefits, you simply cant compete against todays best organizations. And dont you want to? If youve already made the switch to automated time and attendance software, tell us about the benefits youve experienced. If youre thinking about making the switch, tell us what problems youre hoping automated software will help you solve.

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