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Advance Systems Absence Management Software is a fully integrated product that allows you to keep track of ever-changing leave entitlements. Our Software enables Management to track and manage absences with just a few clicks of the mouse.

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Absence Management Software

In today’s more complex working world featuring a more mobile workforce, absence management can feel like an impossible task. Not only is it difficult to track the attendance of employees in many different locations, quickly and effectively filling staffing gaps that result from planned and unplanned absences can feel like a circus act.

When you lose control of your absence management, you also lose control of your organization’s productivity, and eventually its profits.

If you’re currently using a manual system for time tracking, you can put down your pen and paper. Advance Systems time and attendance software offers a solution designed to help you take back control of workforce attendance.

Poor Absenteeism = High Costs

There’s no doubt that absences cost your organization lots of money. As a matter of fact, the U.S. Department of Labor did a study that showed absenteeism cost employers as much as $100 billion per year. Unless you improve your absence management strategy, it’s possible that absences are one of your organization’s greatest expenses!

Depending upon what statistics you access, it’s estimated that up to 8% of the workforce is absent on any given day. Why is absenteeism so expensive, and why is it important to improve your employee attendance?

Absences create staffing gaps that must be filled in order to meet productivity goals. Frequently, workers who are paid overtime step in to the rescue. Paying for overtime itself is costly, but it also has far-reaching effects you may not be considering. When people work more hours than they should, stress increases, health suffers, and accidents happen. This creates even more absences and even more overtime; and so the vicious cycle continues.

Absence Management = Improved Costs

Advance Systems absence management software automatically handles all planned and unplanned absences, mitigating the cost of absenteeism on your organization. Managers can track and analyze planned and unplanned absences by department, group, or by absence occurrence in real time, then can take the appropriate steps to ensure that shifts are adequately staffed.

While overtime can be an excellent solution to an understaffed shift, our time and attendance software can be configured to record budgets, and to notify managers when overtime budgets are in danger of being exceeded, before those hours are worked. If absences do not adhere to company policy, or to local, state, or federal policy, the system will also notify managers, reducing costly compliance issues.

Both managers and employees have access to the system, which means that absences can be viewed in real time. Management can check absence data for trends, then address issues before they become real problems. There is no more confusion about how many entitlements remain. When employees can easily access and view their absences they become more accountable, and absenteeism often drops as a result.

In addition, management no longer has to shuffle through time cards and spreadsheets to make sure that absences are taken into consideration when doing payroll. Instead, this data is taken directly from the system and imported directly to payroll. Costly errors are eradicated, and employee happiness increases when they know that their paychecks are correct.

Empower Employees with Absence Management Software

Advance Systems absence management software puts employees in control of their own schedules. Employees simply log into the Employee Self-Service Module to note and explain absences to their supervisors. Datat is collected in real time, so employees can see how many planned and unplanned absences they’ve used in the past, when they’ve used them, and how many they have left to use.

If employees want to request a day off, they can do so directly through the absence software. An email is sent to the employee’s manager, who approves or denies the request through the system. This not only streamlines absences, it also saves time, reducing the need for face-to-face meetings to discuss time off.

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