Paid Time Off Software & Accruals

Advance Systems Absence Management Software automates the paid time off and accrual process, ensuring entitlements and accruals are always accurate and up to date.


It is estimated that, on average, an organization pays its employees an extra 1.25 days of paid leave per year. Ensuring accrual balance information is always current and visible to employees and to the management team significantly reduces this number.

Paid Time Off Software

The paid time off software can be set up to accept an unlimited number of absence codes, depending upon the organization’s needs. Categories may include planned sick days, personal days, or compassionate leave. Employees are given a certain amount of paid time off and accruals. As they use this paid time off, it is entered immediately into the employee’s absence profile, under the correct code. Both employees and management can check absence profiles to determine how much paid time off and accruals have been used and are available. This information is easily contained and viewed within the absence tracking system.

If a user goes over his or her paid time off and accruals allotment, the system notifies management. The automation frees up the time of management and human resources, who no longer have to keep manual track of paid time off and leave management. In addition, the automated system reduces the number of costly payroll errors.

The paid time off and accruals feature also facilitates the scheduling process. Employees simply log onto the system via the employee self-service module, view their paid time off and accruals balance, then request time off directly through the system. An email is sent to management, who can then approve or deny the request.

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