Enjoy the Benefits of Real Time Data with Employee Self-service

Employees use a wide variety of clocking options to log on to the system including PC's, laptop computers, iPads and cell phones. Once data is collected, it is sent immediately to the system. Managers and supervisors can then view, analyze, and report on employee time and attendance using real-time data.

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Employee Self-Service

Employee self-service options available with Advance Systems time and attendance software saves time and money, and may increase employee engagement. Your organization’s administrative personnel is tasked with many duties, from managing the attendance of employees to processing payroll.

Sometimes, it can seem as if there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. Advance Systems introduces a time and attendance system with a self-service feature. This feature enables employees to track and manage their own time and attendance, request shift changes, and view other employee data such as payroll, remaining vacation time, and entitlements. The employee self-service option reduces the amount of time administration spends tracking the time of individual employees, so they can focus on more important things.

It's Easy to Use

Advance System’s software requires no additional equipment, and can be used on a PC, laptop, tablet computer, or Smartphone. The system can be installed in as little as a week, and it usually takes only a few days for employees to master it. To use the self-service feature, employees simply log onto the Advance Systems time and attendance system, and navigate to their page. From there, they can clock in and out, view their absence report, determine how many sick and vacation days they have left, and view other employee data. Once employees have put their clockings into the system, managers and supervisors can view the data in real time, and analyze and report on it.

Supports Your Mobile Workforce

While organizations of all types will find value in the Advance Systems employee self-service feature, the option is particularly attractive for those with mobile workforces. Those who work in remote locations or from home don’t need to coordinate with administration to track their time. They simply log into the Advance Systems software, and use the self-service feature to manage their time.

Organizations with time systems that have an employee self-service function are more likely to embrace flexible work arrangements, because the function reduces the amount of complexity associated with flexible time arrangements. Organizations tracking remote and mobile workers with manual systems, for example, spend lots of time and effort managing their workforce, but also run the risk of making costly mistakes.

Improves Communication

One of the most appreciated aspects of the system is that it allows managers and employees to co-manage schedules without time-consuming face-to-face meetings. Employees who want to request a shift change or time off simply do so directly through the system. An email is sent to the employee’s manager. The manager reviews the situation, then sends an approval or denial back to the employee through the system. Workers can also use the module to record and explain absences, reducing the amount of time the manager needs to spend on the telephone.

Reduces Absenteeism

Any time you make employees accountable for their actions, behavior improves. Advance Systems time and attendance system allows employees to log in and view their own time, they don’t need to rely on manager perception when it comes to attendance and absenteeism. The employee function enables them to view habits and trends in black and white. Employees are more likely to make positive changes when they are able to see and fix their own problems and issues. For example, an employee using the self-service function to review past recordings of time will make an effort to be punctual if the data shows a trend toward late arrivals.

Empowers Employees

Advance System’s employee self-service function empowers employees to manage their own time. This empowerment increases their sense of autonomy, which makes them happier, increases engagement, and impacts productivity. An increase in productivity impacts your bottom line, making the Advance Systems time and attendance software a wise investment for all types and sizes of organizations.

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