Time Off & Absence Requests

Using our Employee Self Service module employees have the ability to request ‘Absences’ or ‘Time Off’. These requests are normally submitted to the employee’s manager, supervisor or HR Department by automatic email notifications for approval.


In order to request an absence the employee simply needs to highlight the days they would like to book off on their individual absence profile that is located in the employee self-service application. 

The system will then automatically present the employee with the ‘Absence Details’ screen. This screen allows the employee to choose the type of absence from a predefined list of absence reasons. This list of absence reasons (Allowable Absence Codes) can be customised by employee type thus restricting groups of employees from requesting certain types of absences such as planned FMLA.

Each employee’s profile contains a list of ‘Allowable Absence Codes’, each of these codes can be configured to be Automatically Approved or Needing Supervisor Approval. Depending on the type of absence requested, the time management system will decide based on the Allowable Absence Codes whether the request needs supervisor approval. If the request needs approval, the supervisor then has the final authorisation on whether or not this request is approved.

Once the supervisor authorises a request, the employee work planner is automatically updated and this is communicated back to the employee via an automatic email notification.

If the type of absence is ‘Linked’ to an entitlement such as a ‘Vacation Balance’, the entitlements ‘Already Planned’ figure will automatically increase thus reducing the overall ‘Remaining Balance; available to the employee.

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