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Use Pay Rates, Skills and Availability to Create the Most Cost Effective Schedule for your Business. This easily accessed information can then be used to create complex staff schedules in just a fraction of the time it would take using a manual system. Improve profitability and reduce administration costs with Advance Systems Scheduling Software.

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Scheduling Software

Employee scheduling software is an ideal solution for any organization with multiple shifts or locations and those that want to improve labor supply and demand ratios. Advance Systems employee scheduling software makes it much easier for organizations to manage even the most complex patterns accurately and efficiently.

Employee Scheduling Software USA For Today’s World

In today’s global, highly competitive economic environment, the business world has become significantly more complex. One area that has been affected is scheduling. Few organizations have simple, daytime shifts in one location. According to a study done by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 14.5% of U.S. full-time wage and salary workers are working shifts other than daytime. In addition, many organizations have more than one location, and support a mobile workforce.

Advance Systems employee scheduling software USA can be set up so that employees can track their time and attendance using their PC, laptop, or mobile phone, making it an ideal solution for a mobile or remote workforce. Once employees have logged their time in the system, managers and administrators can access it in real time to get an adequate lay of the land.

The easy-to-use software also enables managers to create schedules and manage shifts with complex flextime specifications. The system ensures that necessary skills are represented at each shift, and can even specify which client or project an employee is working on. Advance Systems employee scheduling software can be configured to alert managers when shifts are understaffed due to planned or unplanned absences, so adjustments can be made before productivity is affected.

Scheduling Software Saves Time and Money

While overtime can be a good solution to open shifts, it’s also important to stay within budget. Our system notes predefined budgets, tracking employee attendance for both fixed and flexible schedules. If it appears that overtime budgets may be exceeded, the system will send an alert.

Staff scheduling also makes it easier to balance labor supply with demand, ensuring that you have enough people for optimal productivity, but not so many that you are spending more on labor than you need to. Using the historic data stored in the database, managers can determine how shifts should be staffed depending upon season, economic factors, or the introduction of a new product or service. When workloads are accurately forecasted, schedules complement business needs and productivity goals.

Our staff scheduling software USA easily tracks both planned and unplanned absences, enabling managers to notice trends and address issues before they become real problems. A reduction in absenteeism minimizes understaffing and overtime, and improves productivity.

Advance Systems makes it easier than ever for organizations to follow rules, including company policies as well as local, state, and federal regulations. The system is set up so that if employee habits violate policies, the manager or administrator is notified. Regulations can be complex, and the fact that they frequently change just adds to that complexity. Our software automatically updates any changes to local, state, or federal regulations, ensuring that your information is always up to date. Organizations that use our time and atendance system not only have the peace of mind of knowing they are following all the rules, they also improve compliance and reduce the chances of costly fines and legal defense.

Staff Scheduling Software Empowers Employees

Our system allows employees to control their own schedules, and also makes them accountable for their planned and unplanned absences. To view previous hours worked, time clockings, schedules, and the amount of vacation, sick, and personal time remaining, employees simply log into their account on the staff scheduling software.

If they want to make scheduling changes — for example, if they want to swap shifts with a qualified employee who is available — this can be accomplished directly through the system. The staff scheduling feature can be configured to allow shift swaps with or without manager approval.

Employees can log their absences, and can also explain the reason for their absences. Employees can also request vacation or personal time directly through the system. An email alert is then sent to the employee’s manager, who can approve or deny the request.

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