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Advance Systems provides your organization with advanced methods to easily collect, track, and manage employee time and attendance. Our software is ideal for small to medium and large enterprise organizations. Every system setup is bespoke and customized to meet your organizations specific needs.

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Time and Attendance Software

If your organization belongs to the 60% that say their employees fail to accurately report time, it’s time to consider Advance Systems employee time management products. Our time and attendance software minimizes errors associated with manual timekeeping and saves time by streamlining the workforce management process.

Key Features of Time and Attendance Systems USA

Our time and attendance systems enable users to track their time from a PC, laptop, tablet, or Smartphone, wherever there is cell or Internet service. Information is stored in the time and attendance software database, where administrators, leaders, and employees can access it immediately. Real-time access to workforce data enables management to more efficiently manage employees and shifts, immediately noting when open shifts, understaffing, or overtime may be an issue.

Advance Systems time and attendance software in USA features an employee self-service module that empowers employees to take control of their own schedules. In addition to being able to view schedules, previous hours worked, and remaining vacation time and entitlements, employees are able to request shift swaps and time off directly through the system. Managers can approve or deny requests without time-consuming face-to-face meetings.

Our time and attendance systems significantly reduce the amount of time spent on payroll. Instead of spending hours shuffling through spreadsheets and time cards every week, administrators simply click a few buttons, and data is sent directly from the time and attendances software to the payroll system. In addition to saving lots of time, automated time and attendance software reduces costly payroll errors associated with overpayments.

Time and Attendance Software Saves Money

Advance Systems time and attendance systems USA have the capability to completely eradicate inaccurate time reporting. State-of-the art biometric clocking terminals recognizes employees by fingertip, ensuring the system accurately records the arrivals and departures of the right people. In addition, automated time and attendance software accurately records the exact time that employees arrive and leave, allowing for no human error or “fudging.”

How cost-effective is a time and attendance systems, really? Nucleus Research did a study that showed automated time and attendance software could pay for itself in as little as a couple of months, based on the amount of money it saved the average organization!

Time and Attendance Systems Enforces Rules

Whether you’re looking to enforce your attendance policies, or whether you want to find a surefire way of improving compliance, Advance Systems time and attendance systems USA have the capability.

Advance Systems time and attendance software can be configured to recognize the policies in your organization, and can send you an alert when employee data suggests that someone is violating rules. For example, attendance trackers can ensure that employees and managers are notified if a worker is close to using his or her vacation, sick, or personal time allotments. Not only does this improve attendance, but it also reduces human error.

Advance Systems attendance software USA also enables organizations to easily adhere to constantly changing and confusing local, state, and federal regulations. Lack of compliance can result in costly legal defense and fines. Most compliance violations are unintentional, and companies can spend thousands of dollars defending themselves only to lose in court. Our attendance software alerts you when you are in danger of violating regulations before you break the rules. The system is automatically updated as regulations change, giving organizations the peace of mind of knowing that their information is always current.

Time and Attendance Software is Easy to Use

Advance Systems time and attendance software requires no expensive, difficult-to-use equipment, and has a very quick learning curve. In most cases, the software is up and running in as little as a couple of days.

The system’s easy-to-navigate dashboard and tools are intuitive to use, and require minimal training. Each Advance Systems time and attendance software system is customized to meet the unique needs of the organization, and to complement its current operating system and network.

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